Wietelmann Holiday Puzzle Answer Key



2) Tom attended Choir Camp in August

6) Rolf & Lynn flew down to Newport Beach  in Nov. to watch Anna race.

7) Anna & Tom both got their Driving License this year.

10) Rolf & Lynn went to Fiji for a second honeymoon in July.

12) The number of choirs Tom is a member of : Two

13) We wish you a Merry Christmas!

15) Tom attended the Boy Scout Jamboree in Virginia with 40,000 other Scouts.

18) Lynn spent Halloween with her friend Kris in Alaska.

19) Rolf & Lynn continue to do weekly Pilates classes.

22) Lynn started taking Golf lessons.

23) Lynn continues to do weekly Yoga classes.

24) When the weather is nice, we enjoy a walk around Lake Merritt in Oakland.

25) Taking photos and editing them for the rowing team keeps Lynn very busy.

26) Ozzie, our pet dog, now lives in Marin with another family due to Lynn’s allergy.

27) The State Bird of Minnesota (home state of Geoff’s girlfriend) is the Loon.

28) Over a span of 6 days in December, Tom performed in five choir concerts.

30) Lynn and Rolf went to San Diego, Ca. in March to watch Anna race.

31) Tom is studying A.P. Environmental Science, English, Math Analysis, & US History

32) Anna puts her oar in the water on the port side of the boat.

33) Anna and Tom turn seventeen on Dec 28th, 2010.

38) Geoff is majoring in Psychology.

40) When we fly to Loreto, Mexico, we land at the Loreto Intl. Airport.

41) Geoff got a new “used” bike to use at school.

43) Rolf’s mom & dad visited us in February.

44) Rolf’s newest hobby is to play the uke.

45) Geoff spends most of his time at college studying .

47) Anna’s boat placed 5th overall at the National Rowing Championships in Cincinnati, Ohio.

49) We like to kayak on the sea of Cortez when we visit Mexico.

50) We spent Spring Break at our home in Loreto, Mexico

51) Tom recently joined the Robotics Club so he can help build robots for competitions.

52) Rolf & Lynn were both Scout leaders again.

54) Rolf’s sister Beth and her husband Mark visited Baja Sur, Mexico and stayed at our house.




1) Anna achieved the Gold Award this Fall; the highest award in Girl Scouts.

3) Lynn attended an Optometry Conference in December on the Hawaiian Island of Maui.

4) After visiting Mexico next week, we will return to Piedmont on New Years Eve.

5) There was 4 feet of snow at our cabin in the mountains during Thanksgiving week.

8) Anna continues to row for the Oakland Strokes crew team.

9) Geoff and his girlfriend Kalie visited us for this fall holiday: Thanksgiving.

11) Tom has a job as a choir teaching assistant for a younger boy’s group.

12) Lynn & Rolf celebrated their Twenty-Fifth wedding anniversary in July.

14) It was Lynn’s idea to make a crossword puzzle newsletter.

15) Anna & Tom visited their Aunt Gail & Uncle Andy in Connecticut in the month of July.

16) Because of Anna and Tom’s busy schedules, we don’t spend much time at the cabin.

17) Rolf & Lynn tried to learn this complicated dance, “The Tango,” this past Spring.

19) Anna & Tom are currently Juniors at Piedmont High School.

20) We visited Loreto during Easter week, where it is known as “Semana Santa.”

21) This year we will fly to Loreto Mexico on Christmas Day.

29) This family member likes to swim for exercise: Rolf .

33) He enjoys swimming in the outdoor pool at the Hills Swim & Tennis Club.

34) Geoff is in his Senior year of college at Middlebury Vermont.

35) Rolf & Lynn are proud of their children’s accomplishments.

36) Tom keeps very busy with all the singing he does for his choirs.

37) Anna & Tom keep up their Spanish  language skills with a weekly lesson.

39) Rolf has a new job consulting for Zhone Technologies in Oakland, California.

42) Geoff’s girlfriend’s name is Kalie.

46) Happy New Year !

48)  Anna had her art on display at a local Bank this past Fall.

52) May you have Peace & Love this coming year !

            - Rolf, Lynn, Anna, Tom & Geoff